The Pain In The Journey Of An Addict!!!


Today is a beautiful day here in South Florida. I am sitting here and have been putting off this post for awhile. So today I am here at McDonald’s in Jupiter Florida having some coffee and enjoying some old timers sitting next to me talking about politics and just the way we as a nation are heading.

A couple of months ago I lost some one that I really care about to this disease called addiction! She was a beautiful person but yet most people that knew her judge her harshly and wrong just because she was a addict! I have mention her here before and her nick name was Longhair.

It is so sad and a waste that this young lady lost her life to this disease and she really did had a lot to offer to this world. She was a mother first and foremost, like what most people wrongly believe about addicts, she would give here last dollar that she had to feed the hungry and homeless. This I know for a fact for she did this for me when I was sleeping under the stars in Fort Pierce, Florida out at the Pike!

So people keep believing this lie about how addicts are bad people and that they will steal from you when in fact this young lady would give you her last dollar just to feed me, she really cared and I saw what kind of spirit she had along with all the challenges she had with this disease.

You see she originally had a prescription for pain pills from her doctor, this is how she and many others get hooked on these pills. She had a big fight with her sister, she went and told her doctor that she was misusing them, then he just stop writing out prescriptions for her. She had a legitimate use for them because of her accident she was in.

Because she depended on them she was hooked and was not properly weaned off and put on some other kind of pain management that was not as addictive! So she turn to the streets and did what ever she could do to get them, yes she even sold herself and slept in the woods out there at the Pike! I do blame the pharmaceutical companies for a lot of this epidemic that is going on right now. Also these doctors should be not influence so much from these companies with their salesmen ( legal drug pushers)!

I am boiling mad, one time when I was out in Texas I was with my friend. We went to take are friend to the doctors at one off the big medical buildings we would be parked out side and we would see all these legal drug pushers wheel up with their packages of samples along with gift packages to go along with their presentation. My friend and I would holier out, “get a real job”, or sometimes we would say “drug dealer” out loud and of course most people would stare at us but they don’t understand what is going on at all and we here at Angel Face Foundation is all about awareness. I know this is not the best way to reach out to people to educated them, but we were doing this out of frustration!

So on January 28, 2015, my friend lost her battle to this disease! As I write this post I really am having a hard time to show how I truly feel about losing someone that has touch my life in so many good ways in a short time of knowing her. Only people that have been down and out might understand along with other addicts. I know for a fact that there is a God, and from her actions she also knew, I was talking to her husband who is a trucker that really cared for her and had her off the shit, did a lot for her but had to go on the road, like most truckers they are not home much and looking back I can see because of this she did not have the proper support and structure that she needed to stay sober.

She could of won her battle this I know for a fact because many have and still will but they need the support and structure to succeed in their journey of recovery. Last time I did see her she was coming back and I was out at the Pike! I have a lot of guilt because I was staying out there in a room and needed someone to give me a ride. So I always kept in contact with her and she one day called and was heading back to the area to visit with her mother in the next town over so I ask her to come and pick me up and she then was by herself without her husband and she went to a room were some other addicts were and that is all it took! She backslide into it and after that night I never got a chance to say goodbye and this does break my heart. I was so proud of her and was hoping nothing but the best and she did talk the good talk to me about how she was never going back because it robbed her so much out of life and I was really gullible about this.

Because of my call to her she was put into a place that was not good for her recovery. She was sober for about six to seven months I would guess, this was not enough time for her to be around any of this crap! What it must of done was give her the sense, that trigger she could do it just one more time! This seems to happen to many addicts and she right of the bat must of went right back to the dose that her tolerance was a custom to when she was using back then and this is how she got into trouble!

I got a call from a friend out there that tries to minister to some of the girls who told me about Longhair misfortune. She was in a coma with all kind of tubes in her on life support. She lost her battle after about ten days or so from what I heard, I never got a chance to say goodbye to her or even say a prayer over her. I did send my friend to pray over her and he did, after the services which at that time I headed back out to Texas was not able to be there for I got a call from her husband and we talk for awhile and he did tell me that she did accept Christ as her Saviour. I was happy for her, this I was glad that see is now out of her suffering and pain and is resting in peace.

Now back to proper support and structure, These people (addicts) are not able to make proper decision at times even in recovery. This is something any addict has to deal with for life in their journey towards recovery. These steps do get easier as more time goes by but you must have to learn about how to manage stress and other triggers that will lead them towards relapse!

As far as my friend Longhair she never fit the description of the same old stereotype about addicts that you here all the time. And this very belief is what have help keep a lot of these addicts in bondage! I even have some problems with my family members about denial along with finger pointing, just so no one wants to look at their very own addictions! This does not help in any way, and it is running wild in many of families in this war that has been place on many families and friends.

My friend you will always be remember for who you truly are and the spirited young lady that the Lord has blessed me in my life and was able to call her friend!

If you have had anything to share with us or a similar story please commit above on the button that will lead you to post it. Always towards your journey and path towards freedom and peace. Happiness is the key towards purpose and living the life that God intended for all of us.

Gods speed and peace to you.

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It has been awhile

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Over Come Addiction


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Don’t Cry…..


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6 Myths About Addicts that Sober People Believe ( #4 is Hard to Cope with)


Few demographics are as misunderstood or misrepresented as the chemically dependent. In fact, addicts are some of the most negatively portrayed and unfairly stereotyped groups in the media. While addiction myths are nothing more than scare tactics, these half-truths have actually made it harder for us to seek treatment and lead some kind of “normal” life.

Thanks, in large part, to the persistent stigmas of addiction, we’re socially shackled to our disease. Asking for help means we risk social humiliation and a variety of negative relationship changes – many of which stem from a misunderstanding of addiction. In fact, evidence has shown that one of the top reasons addicts put off treatment is a fear of the social consequences. We’re ready to come out of the shadows; we’re ready for you to know the truth.

Myth #1:

Addicts are not a lost cause. While it’s true this disease will need to be managed for life, we can certainly overcome our chemical dependency.

This myth gives the impression that addicts don’t matter and sets the stage for discrimination by family members, friends, employers, health care providers and the legal system. In reality, modern addiction treatment practices can help us escape the grip of drugs and alcohol. With the right tools and support, we can go on to do great things in life.

Myth #2:

Thanks, in large part, to the rise of televised addiction and emergency interventions, the term “rock bottom” has become ingrained in the DNA of society. The viewing audience sees staged interventions where a “rock bottom” is created for each intended addict; they see most episodes coming to a happy and sober conclusion. Magically, TV addicts are “saved” by these manufactured rock bottoms that come neatly wrapped in a 60-minute package.

In real life, however, the “rock bottom” moment is different for each and every one of us. For some, rock bottom is getting arrested or becoming homeless. For others, rock bottom is losing the love and trust of family or getting fired from a great job.

It’s important to understand that the level of consequences we face before seeking help have little to do with our chances of succeeding in recovery. Rather than waiting for the “proper” moment of desperation, try talking openly and honestly with us.

Need Help Understanding Your Addiction Treatment Options?Call (888) 416-4129 Now

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Myth #3:

This one’s a doozy. Some people can have a drink and walk away; some can take a pain pill here and there with no problem. That makes it easy to assume that we all have the same experience and, instead of walking away, we choose to spend our days in a state of intoxication.

In reality, we are addicted. That means we have to supply our bodies with a steady stream of drugs or alcohol just to feel “normal” or avoid withdrawal symptoms. For us, every day brings increasingly painful hardships that involve physical, emotional and psychological repercussions.

No one in their right mind would choose to live the life of an addict. it is lonely and depressing existence.

No one in their right mind would choose to live the life of an addict. It’s a lonely and depressing existence. We feel like prisoners. And no matter how much we try to deny it, we all know – on some level – that we can’t stop on our own. Admitting we’ve lost self-control is a terrifying thought that is present every moment of every day. How eager would you be to live that life?

Myth #4:

Many people don’t know that addiction physically changes the brain. These neurological alterations prompt compulsive actions that can easily be misinterpreted. We aren’t stupid or lazy; far from it. What we are is wrongly and wholeheartedly convinced that we need drugs or alcohol to survive. We’re in denial, but it’s a form of denial firmly rooted in biology.

Our brains have developed a tolerance to drugs that worsens over time. Eventually, there’s a certain level of intoxication needed to keep withdrawal at bay. In an effort to “stay well,” we do some crazy things to feed our habits. Our drive is limited to satisfying the addiction. What we do is always in service of a disease that we can’t control. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

Myth #5:

If willpower or the love of family could cure addiction, most of us would be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. While it’s true that most of us lack the ability to overcome this disease on our own, the “lack of willpower” is a symptom caused by the neurological imbalances of addiction – not the cause. The inability to stop is driven by the gripping fear of detox; that fear outweighs the logical reasoning that would convince any non-addicted person to stop.

Myth #6:

There’s a huge misconception that punishment can “scare” addicts into sobriety. However, there’s a big difference between sending someone to prison where the access to drugs is virtually cut off and finding lasting sobriety through recovery. Look, it’s easy to get clean in prison. But, without the tools of recovery, relapse is virtually guaranteed once returned to society.

When threatened with punishments like arrest or incarceration, rational people modify their behaviors. Addicts, however, are living with a disease where the emotional and motivational need for drugs completely and totally outweighs the threat of negative consequences.

Again, it’s all related to the neurological changes brought on by drugs or alcohol.

Dr. Alan Leshner, former Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, said it best in a piece written for Science Magazine: “If the brain is the core of the problem, attending to the brain needs to be a core part of the solution. If they [addicts] have a brain disease, imprisoning them without treatment is futile.” In other words, the key to our sobriety generally relies on our immersion in a therapeutic and supportive community.

Do You or a Loved One Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab?Call (888) 450-0188 Now

Caring treatment advisors are here to help 24/7 | Staffed by Sponsored Treatment Centers

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Two Options


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