A Confession & True Story About Drug Abuse & Love!

Well here we go, is was November, 2010. The great economic rescission hit my business hard full swing into it, which was the building industry here in South Florida ever since the boom stop back in 2006.

I got thrown out of my house along with my wife, which things have not been right with my marriage ever since 2006, I have always felt she had lost respect for me and for years been complaining about how bad things are, like as if we are the only one going through it and that I was the problem.

So now you know after 20 years my marriage has really never recovered. Saying that we had to move to a hotel in Fort Pierce, Florida. At a place called America Best Value Inn.


My wife was always taken care of but I guess she never really knew just how bad things can really get, and you know was on the spoiled side.( I loved spoiling my wife.).

We check in the hotel there because it was the most affordable one for us along the fact it was pet friendly, we had our dog Susie. This place is right dead smack in what my wife called, (Truckerville). It was truck-stops haven, truckers all around and my wife did not agree, along with all the other elements that was out there.

The very first night we check into the hotel at 2:00 A.M. Someone was knocking at our door looking for drugs, just one of the elements that I was referring about. You are probably wondering, (well how do you know he wanted drugs?) Well let’s just say I also did experimented with drugs at a different time in my life and I know what I know!

And also along with drugs, there is always other, elements that goes along with this underground industry called (the oldest profession) prostitution, that’s right young ladies selling themselves to help feed their habit.

This whole underground industry has its own economy, and it seems to even boom more when the regular economy hits low, theirs seem to grow. More homes like mind hit hard times and household fall apart seems to help out with more johns looking for what I call, ladies in the night.

Now before we go any further there is one thing I want to make my readers perfectly clear, I’m not or never was a john! (Man who pays prostitute for sex).

Back to the hotel, as I said we had our dog Susie with us and she was quite a cutie and drew a crowd for she was very friendly towards people. I was walking her one early evening out back where our rooms were and then we meet this man and his lady. He came out and introduce himself to my wife and me.

Then later that evening what it appears to have been either his wife or girl friend came out, she really loved animals and wanted to meet Susie. I was out there at this time by myself with Susie and we began to talk. One thing I could not help but notice was this young ladies eyes, for some how I seem to have been in some kind of a spell at first glance.

She was very beautiful and full of life, something that I have been lacking for quite some time. She seem to have been some what attractive to me also for she wanting to talk with eye contact like I have never really experience. She had a glow to her and was a natural beauty.

She went on explaining to me about how they lost their dogs and they were put down. I told her, ” that was very sad and how can such a thing happen”? She said, “my man blamed her and it was all her fault”!

Well, right there I thought something was wrong put I still mind my own business, for it seems to be the proper thing to do.

Well later that night he came over and wanted to talk to me, want I did not recognize was him feeling me out on where I stand on things going on in our lives so if we can be a fit for his business.

Now by now you are wondering what the nature of his business, fair enough. He was a con, and he use to have this saying, “there is no shame in my game”. You see he was an addict. So here is where we came in, he had this con were he would hustle gas from people at the gas stations, of course really for money! Well he did not have a car, but we did. So he made a deal with me, I know it was not the right thing to do but desperate times brings in desperate measures!

His con was he would have his young lady with him and myself driving, hustling. His story line would be that the young lady (damsel in distress ) needed to get to Miami to see her dying mother and we just ran out of gas. Now the young lady made this a little bit easier for me to accept as long as we lead the people along the path of them believing that they were doing a good deed for the day. And I took it as it made people felt good and at the same time we were making money and gas, always came home with a full tank and my room paid for, that’s all I wanted and that’s the deal we made.

Well like I explain to you earlier that he was an addict, and so was she. But of course in life you learn as you go along. What I did not know from the beginning is how abusive he was towards her, more on that later.

So here I am driving around not only hustling gas with them, but also the first bit of money, you guess it went towards drugs (Roxies). He would have me take them with the car and help them score for their habit before I would get anything. Well this only work out for a couple of weeks, and at the end of that time he owed me money according to our deal!

He had us separated from her accept only to do business, the last night I did any business with him we were sitting in the parking lot of a Steak n Shack restaurant and he was watching his women talking to a guy name Detroit. At that moment as he was watching her he made me a proposition. He ask me, “Robert, I want to give you a couple of blues, I want you to approach XXXXXXX and ask for a blowjob for them”.Image I said, “no way that I was a married man,” and thought of all the parties that it would harm.

Well later on that night he went out and came to the room and ask for some of my money and he would replace it tomorrow. Bad mistake, never should have done it, it was only 90.00 dollars but at that time heck that was two nights stay plus dinners.

Needless to say the rest was history, he went out and came back while she was they’re going through withdraws what she use to call, “being icky”. Later that night he came back to their room and not quite sure, all’s what I remember was it was her birthday remember her begging him, “please be nice towards me on my birthday”.

Man do you know how bless this jerk was, not only did this older man at 52 years of age had a drop dead gorgeous younger women at 27 years of age, but she did not ask much at all from him put want I felt should have been a give-me in my book.

So later that night we were waken up by noise, they were only two doors down from us. The police came she was outside their room and sitting down crying while the Fort Pierce finest was their to investigate. I came outside to see want was going on witness what I stated above and him lying in bed with his eyes wide open and dilated all bugged out! So they told him he had to let her back in, and he was complaining about how she was watching cartoons too late and that’s why he threw her out, after all “It is my room” he said!

After all the excitement and the dust settled we all went back to bed. The very next day we did not go do any gas hustling for I learned earlier the next day he was arrested for domestic violence with strangulation. Well this put this young lady in a very bad vulnerable spot with no one to help her at all.

So my wife and I ask her, “DO you want to stay with us”? She did and to tell you the truth, I felt like I was in heaven. She started to see how I was towards my wife trying to please her when ever and however I could. This puzzled her, for she was not used to this kind of treatment, (being a gentlemen).

So meanwhile her so-called man was in jail, we started to do the gas hustle again. She knew how to do it but this was different this time, for I needed to do more than drive. I did not recognize it at the time but she needed me to do more than I did but she never did not fully express this. She did encourage me and build up my confidence and it started to work but was just not making the kind of money we need for her or us in the time-frame for it to work out as partners.

She even called up her grandma up in Montana for money while she was staying with us for a couple of weeks rent for the room which was about $500.00. This made it easier for us to help out with her habit and I understood this but yet was still frustrated I could not help this beautiful young lady.

So as a few days went by she had to come up with another plan to bring money in for her priority which was number one her drugs. What I have learned or seem to have learned from this is that, the only thing that really matters when times are tough, is the moment (present). There is no planning for the future with these people, not at all.

They will sacrifice what ever it takes to get what they need, or what they believe what they needed. She explain to me a few times that an addict can die if they did not get what she called, “her medicine”.

So what I have learned over the course of time with her that a lot of her issues were physiological. And that she needed a lot of help, more than what I can surly give but I felt that God brought us across each others path for a reason.

And having this belief, what God brings into my life I can handle it. So I continued to hang around and get to know her even more, as I did we really started to bond. She , at least I felt she saw me as a solid strong figure something that was lacking in her life and desperately needed.

So I am jumping around, sorry to the readers, back to the other plan she came up with. You see she meet other addicts out there, and some of them were women and just like any other addict they did want they had to do to support their habit.

You guessed it, was the oldest profession in the world, prostitution. I never forget the first night she did it as long as I lived. You see, she never did this before to support her habit she always had her man to help her.

She came into our room and was crying and my wife was hugging her and I also was too. She said, “her mother from heaven was looking down and was ashamed of her now”. I did not know what to say nor did my wife, we did not condone this but at the same time we wanted to assure her that it was not the end of the world either.

So now that the news is out there at the Pike as this place is nicknamed, all the other addicts and pimps truckers came out circling her like vultures over a dead carcass. I personally witness this, and it made me very sick losing sleep over it every night staying up, pacing back and forth in our room with my wife asking me, “Robert, whats wrong”? She sensed I loved her but still to this very day, while you reading this article I don’t think she really does knows how much I do miss her.

I find myself falling more for her, not quit sure and I even believe she wanted to know why herself? She ask me several times, “what it was about her that I was so attracted about”?

It’s might have been her youth, her inner beauty that we shared about how life should be with everyone being equal and having liberty for all and having government out of our lives and business. I was finding I had more in common with her then I did with my wife, after all remember we have been fighting for over six years on a daily basis.

When we were alone and together in private we bonded and talk about our lives with each other. We were comfortable with each other and build a trust like I never experience in my life, it was like she was my soul-mate and can share anything with her and vice verses.

We shared a lot about our relationships we had currently, and past one as well. What I did discover was we had a lot in common when it came to relationships. We both were in abusive ones, hers being both physical and physiological, mine just the latter.

So back to hear out at the Pike at night tricking and jumping into truckers rigs. This I found to be very dangerous, for most of these johns were very seedy and didn’t care about her but only wanted self-gratification.truck stop

She meet this other girl out their at the hotel we were staying at, and she also was an addict herself. What she found out with this one was instead of jumping into trucks and getting kidnapped, that she could partner up with her an go online.

This was new for her and seem attractive and a safer model then what she was doing, or so she thought so! I tried to explain to her about what has happen online for example with the craigslist killer. She did not wont to listen after all it was getting easier for her or that’s what I feared anyway. Remember, she is an addict and all what matters in her mind is for her to get the drugs at any cost!

This other girl I felt was just using her for like I said, she was new and just like any new commodity, (which she is not!) sells fast and for more! This was very attractive for them both being addicts. So she listen to her after all she was the expert and I had no knowledge about this business.

She came to me later and wanted my assistance in this, I should have taken complete control then but did not. She wanted me to take new pictures of her in the room that she have moved into with this other addict at the time. This other girl seem to have taken control of her and I found myself just as much of an addict towards her just needing to being around her company.

So I did it thinking maybe I can trade in a smaller evil to save her from a bigger one, if you can understand? With this in mind I do have experience with internet marketing and tried to explain this to her if she would only listen to me, I could have made it much safer for her, rather than just putting her out there as live bait!

There is something in the Internet Marketing Industry called a landing page. I could have created this for her were it would have screen out all the scum bag johns that she was experiencing , both at the truck stops and online with her so-called new-found friend!

This landing page I could have created would have required a credit card and this could have help out a lot with security issues that this industry brings along with it. Heck I could have arrange the page giving them full disclosure that her time and serves was strictly only for companionship only, NO SEX INVOLVED! Would it have been 100 present, no but it would surly been much safer and more prosperous if she would have only been around different people instead of addicts, pimps, johns and truckers leaching off here and exploding her!

Once again, I must make myself perfectly clear that I never condone these events at all and never receive one penny from her, in fact I use to give her money. At first it stated out only like $40.00 for a couple of blues and she would say, “I’ll pay you back Robert”. i would always say, “No, it’s a gift for I don’t want you to do want it takes to pay me back”!

You see, I never did let this addiction defined her nor any of the other girls out at the Pike, that’s just the way I am and would rather be a solution not the problem, or was I part of the problem?

It is from my very own past experience with drugs myself that, you can’t force no one to quite, they must come to this on their own terms and timetable for them to truly be liberated from this curse that they are under.

In the end, she will never find peace until she makes the choice for herself, that means to truly move on to get away from the truckers,  johns,  pimps, and others that want to use her. All I ever want for this young lady is to live her life to the fullest and to be free of this addiction that has her enslaved. I pray to God that she makes it and live the life that she was created for.

With this life of mine, I’ve learned that each day is a gift from God. I pray that she gets the help, or if you or someone you know is an addict, get HELP! All I can say is I’ve only known this young lady now for a couple of years or so, I pray not only for her but also for her family, for what I have realize is just a small part of the pain they have been going through.

We are here to share our experience with drug addiction how it affects both the addict and their families along with their friends. Bringing awareness about the war on drugs an how it has failed in many ways. You are welcome to comment even if you might disagree with the post, we here are a free speech zone. We will post it as long it's constructive towards solutions rather then being to harsh and judgmental causing it to be part of the problem. If you want to learn more about Angel Face Foundation you can click here! Thank you :-)

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