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Lullaby for a Recovering Addict


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Moving On Pass Addiction

This is goodbye.  Tonight I hurt so bad and I don’t know why It seems I don’t even need a reason to cry They said there will be good days and some will be bad But to hold faith in

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Addiction Is A Lie….

When I was younger, I had know idea what I was put here on this planet for. So I went along not really being much of a leader more of a follower,You know peer pressure, come on man it won’t

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Happiness Is Key For Recovery!

  As an addict decides to make that change in their life, in recovery you can count on some set backs that are often referred as relapse. One of the main ways to limited relapse in your journey  is to

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Encouraging Steps Towards Recovery!

I was just thinking a little while ago, I guess it is safe to say analyzing my past while I was younger and indulging heavy into all kinds of hallucinogenic, which included dropping  acid, P.C.P.  cocaine you name it I

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Addictions Regrets & Recovery!!!!

I have learned from my past, was it bad, no for I have learned from my choices that I did make back then. Is my life perfect today? No it is safe to say I am under construction, and I

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Holistic Recovery At Home For Addiction.

Well I personally believe that the Creator has everything here on earth to either prevent or even at times cure some illness and disease. Now trying to detox at home please have someone with you monitoring  just in case something

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