Encouraging Steps Towards Recovery!


I was just thinking a little while ago, I guess it is safe to say analyzing my past while I was younger and indulging heavy into all kinds of hallucinogenic, which included dropping  acid, P.C.P.  cocaine you name it I did it.

The road was hard and not easy at time but was very educational for me but I don’t recommend it. Later on I did graduate from U.O.H.K. University Of Hard Knocks!

I did get busted for sales of a hallucinogenic, selling P.C.P. when I just turned 18 years old. I learn while in jail that it was my own fault and no ones else.

So I did promise God that I would never sell drugs again and I have lived up to that promise still to this day.

You might of read one of my other post here about my past and if so I apologizes for repeating it but I still find that there is a valuable lesson in it but this time I’m giving it a little different twist.

So now you know that I did get busted for sales an did a little time, it did not completely stop right there and then.

One night with an old friend we were doing cocaine all night, we got into a car accident, the roads were very wet and he had slick tires we end up crashing his Z-28 into a ditch. I was in the front passenger seat, the sudden impact cause me to go through the front windshield. When the police arrived they began to investigate.  At this time my friend drivers license was expired. So I told the officer that I was the one driving, lucky for my friend this guy was nice and I guess you can say an understanding to a point. The officer said to me, “look I know you were not the one driving just by your injuries.”

Well after that night I have never done cocaine again, then a couple of years went by and I was really getting drunk, I mean stupid  drunk not knowing what the hell I was even doing waking up in strange places having strange people telling me I did this and I also did that, get the picture mean while praying to the porcelain god all night long! So I gave it up, I was going around my so-called friends who still do indulge pat my self on the back saying look at me!

Well in about four years later I was sitting around in my living room smoking pot and you know how you can be smoking it and even choking on  it put still while choking you are reaching for more? Well I said to my self I don’t wont this smoke in my lungs no more and I quit that was back in 1992.

You see I was all into patting my self on the back for my accomplishments, steps what ever you want to call it, but in reality it was my Creator that wean me off this disease called addiction. The reason that He led me to believe at the time I was evolving is simple to me now, this is the twist, He knows me better than I know my self, He also knew that at that time I need encouragement. This is part of the recovery process that all addicts need to be successful in to their road towards recovery.

I do write for the addicts sake but the twist here is more for the family and love ones of the addict, so they can recognize that this is truly needed for them to recover, don’t get caught up into the status quo, be part of the solution not the problem, reach out and research this disease, understand the steps it will take for them to over come. They need your support and understanding not to bash them more into this lie that they are just some kind of worthless junkie!

Our Creator recognize the need, surly and I do pray you see this and some one will be set free. Jesus said “the truth shall set you free. “



We are here to share our experience with drug addiction how it affects both the addict and their families along with their friends. Bringing awareness about the war on drugs an how it has failed in many ways. You are welcome to comment even if you might disagree with the post, we here are a free speech zone. We will post it as long it's constructive towards solutions rather then being to harsh and judgmental causing it to be part of the problem. If you want to learn more about Angel Face Foundation you can click here! Thank you :-)

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