Addicts Can Trade One In For Another Addiction?


Hello and it’s Sunday morning September 15th 2013, sitting here at the McDonald’s out here at the Pike. Last night I was with a new-found friend and I have nick name him Doc, Doc is a man who wears many hats and have many skills. Theses are the type of people I like to surround myself with.

You see not only is Doc a dentist, but he is also a great musician, guitarist! He writes his own music and he has read some of my poems and he just fell in love with it, he believes I have a gift at writing and also claims I have a great voice!

Doc also has been through the schools of hard knocks and experience with addiction in his life. Last night we were getting on this topic and we both came to the same theory or shall I say a hypothesis. Just like want I shared with him about my past experience with drug abuse addiction, how I was weened down I came to the conclusion that I merely just traded off one for another form of addiction.

We also talk about how this disease affects our brain with the dopamine giving a jolt that affects our emotions, motivation and feelings of pleasure that overstimulated our normal responds to natural behavior, (eating spending time with love ones etc), this dopamine gives the brain a jolt of euphoric effects in response to the drug that the addict is taken.

This reaction sets in motion a pattern that “teaches” people to repeat this behavior of abusing the substances. Both Doc and myself concur to this and also came under the same understanding that you can trade down from one form of addiction to another.

You see addiction comes in many forms, not just drug abuse, coffee, gambling, sex, shopping, fishing, hunting, etc, etc! I know there will be people out there that disagree with this theory of ares and that’s alright. The fact is still no matter what the substance or activity is, it is still the dopamine that gives you that jolt and joy that keeps you coming back, even if it is landing a big Marlin off the coast of Florida or Costa Rico, it still gives you that euphoric effect triggering your brain to wanting more!

So maybe the good people out there that are addicted to hard drug’s like heroin or any of these pain pills, can somehow start to shift or trade their jolt for another and maybe finding more activities that are non narcotic to become addictive to enjoy that euphoric joy of jolt is needed for a change.

Tell us what you think, if this will work or not? Thank you and God Speed towards your recovery.


We are here to share our experience with drug addiction how it affects both the addict and their families along with their friends. Bringing awareness about the war on drugs an how it has failed in many ways. You are welcome to comment even if you might disagree with the post, we here are a free speech zone. We will post it as long it's constructive towards solutions rather then being to harsh and judgmental causing it to be part of the problem. If you want to learn more about Angel Face Foundation you can click here! Thank you :-)

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3 comments on “Addicts Can Trade One In For Another Addiction?
  1. pastorg16 says:

    My current addiction is coffee. However, I also get a huge rush when I create a great photograph or land a huge large mouth bass.


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