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I’m Sick With Addiction!!!


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Addictions, Pain And Suffering…..

Pain suffering with lies keep repeating in your mind going through those sleepless nights, homeless and struggling is part of the fight, It’s all just part of an addicts life. Every night I share your trials in my own mind

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The Addicts Other Side…..

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Addicts First Quest Towards Recovery…..

If an  addict is to have any chance at all for recovery, they must first admit they have lost control in their life and then they must learn how to conquer themselves. Forget about your past or anyone else, it

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Take Me By My Hand…..

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Addiction Anti Drug Song By Creed.

This is one of Angel Face favorite band, I thought I should post it, hope someone gets something out of it, God Bless you towards recovery 🙂

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You Owe It To Yourself……

As I sit here in McDonalds this morning October 14th 2013 I see things that disturb me. I see a middle age lady sleeping in her car in the parking lot, how she got to this point I don’t care it’s

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