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Happy New Year & start to a new chapter in your life.

Life is great, and it often gives you opportunities to help improve your life. We here at Angel Face Foundation wish the best, and that you will see what chances life will throw at you. Peace and go in Gods blessings,

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Happy Birthday…..

I don’t know were you are, or what is going on now with you, only wishing you find happiness in your journey and life. Angel Face I know it has been a long hard journey, I do believe you are a

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Merry Christmas

We here at Angel Face Foundation would like to take this day to honor our Creator and also to wish everyone the best in their journey in life, Peace and Gods Speed 🙂

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Life, does it or you really matter?

I personally believe that it will not matter unless you find a purpose in life, a cause to fight for and I have found mine right here at Angel Face Foundation! If this cause worthy for you are more than welcome to

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Addiction can surprise and kill….

This epidemic never seems to stop to amaze me. One of my best friend younger brother passed away last month. He thought it was a heart attack considering the shape his brother was in. When he got the call from

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Truth, Suffering Is Part Of Addiction……

Today I am mad, mad as hell, I hate addiction so bad and what really sucks about this is seeing people who you grow up with in life die before their time, one of my best friends is in the

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Some brains are predisposed toward addiction, study suggests

While brain abnormalities certainly play a role in addictive personalities, people’s life experiences and environment play a part as well. By Linda Thrasybule, Drug addicts and their nonaddict siblings share the same brain abnormalities linked with poor self-control and drug

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