Lies And Rules Of Addiction!

man lies

It is a Sunday afternoon here in Texas and we are snowed in with ice covering everything so I thought this would be a good time to write a little post.

Now my journey I don’t mine sharing with my readers, in fact I hope they join in with comments help adding even more value with maybe their own personal experience. Will this disease that is called addiction is really destroying people’s life’s along with their personal suffering so doe’s families and friends of the addict.

Now part of this disease is the lie’s that keep cycling in the mind of the addict. It can be broken as long as the addict wants a change in their life. You can not force them, they must come to this on their own time-table. This is one of the hardest thing for a love one or a close friend of an addict can do!

Then on top of that you sometimes must deal with the ignorance of the status quote and their beliefs that, “addicts are not able to change and that they are no good, that they are thief’s, so on and so on!”

No matter the lie whether it be from the addict or the status quote I wont entertain their lies about these people nor the addicts lie about how they need the drug!

So if you love and addict, my prayers are with you for you will need strength and endurance through this journey if you choose too! Remember they have more than one personality if not many from this abusive disease, they will need plenty of love in their journey. For I know from my owned past, it was love that shown me the light and how great life truly can be without all the lies and other dark issues that goes along with addiction.


We are here to share our experience with drug addiction how it affects both the addict and their families along with their friends. Bringing awareness about the war on drugs an how it has failed in many ways. You are welcome to comment even if you might disagree with the post, we here are a free speech zone. We will post it as long it's constructive towards solutions rather then being to harsh and judgmental causing it to be part of the problem. If you want to learn more about Angel Face Foundation you can click here! Thank you :-)

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