Stress Anger, How It Can Lead To Relapse……


Yesterday we wrote about happiness, and what role it plays in recovery. Well it is safe to say that stress anger along with other negative emotions will help you to relapse! If one is to be set free from the chains of addiction, then you must try to incorporate some kind of stress management into their life.

One of the things you can do is start some kind of plan to work out, exercise whether it is running, yoga or even weight lifting helps replace the dopamine that gives you that jolt that addicts require. This is the most natural high you can get and the rewards are many if done the right way.

This is how I personally handle stress at times, I can remember one time my friend who is very dear to me, Angel Face was staying with me in a hotel room. We were sharing it and she is an addict. Some of the things that she do to feed her habit I just could not handle to well mentally because I love her.

This other man who was a dealer and not good for her was dangling crack in front of here like as if it was candy for a baby. My friend she is beautiful and young so you know where I am leading with this. So I was pacing back and forth in the room wearing out a path in the carpet and we got into a big fight.

She scream at me, “I am an addict, what do you expect?” She was stress out over her ex-old man in jail after beating on her and stealing her money after he was pimping her out! She also said that, “I was not her old man and that I had no right to tell her what to do!” Well yeah she is right, I am not her old man, but while I was staying with her this was not going to go unanswered while she was with me!

So I went out to go down stairs to use the gym for all the stress and there she was standing by the coke machine in front of the elevator. This is where the scumbag room was, I did not know this but needless to say we got into it again so I went down the elevator to work out and relieve the stress. It work for me and then I made up my mind that I was not going to be in that room with her while she was behaving in that manner.

I let her have the room for I did not want her to be out in the street were it could have been worst for her safety. But back to the fact the exercise does help and if you find yourself were this world is grinding on you and you feel like relapsing, then try this approach, you just might be surprise 🙂


We are here to share our experience with drug addiction how it affects both the addict and their families along with their friends. Bringing awareness about the war on drugs an how it has failed in many ways. You are welcome to comment even if you might disagree with the post, we here are a free speech zone. We will post it as long it's constructive towards solutions rather then being to harsh and judgmental causing it to be part of the problem. If you want to learn more about Angel Face Foundation you can click here! Thank you :-)

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