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The Present


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The Key Towards Recovery…….

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Drug Addiction Healing Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones

  We here at Angel Face Foundation believe in healing naturally through alternative methods. So here is something that I personally found to relax me and helps me with all the stress that this world can put into our heads.

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The Journey……

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Angel Face you are specail…..

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Addicts, you are worth something……

Here at Angel Face Foundation we know recovery is not easy and never have claimed it to be, it is after all worth every bit of all the struggles and pain that one goes through in their own journey. Find love happiness and purpose, then you will

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9 Ways to Quit Opioids and Defeat Addiction

By: Reilly Johnson;  A huge number of people make the mistake of trying to quit opiates BEFORE knowing ALL the available treatment options! Don’t make this mistake. Learn your options below, then decide the best way for YOU to quit.

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