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Angel on the run

Angel on the run. Waking up with rain on her face, another day she must find a way late in this race. Clouds all around, boys making noise playing games with their toys will she ever be found. Angel on

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Is Love Addiction A Disease?

  Hello, I pray you are having a super fantastic day or evening what ever the case may be while you are reading this post. This blog was created to help bring awareness about addiction. Not just addiction itself but

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The Power Of Exercising…..

Benefits of Exercise during Addiction Recovery There are many well-known physical and emotional benefits associated with exercise: Improved strength Reduced pain Improved immunity to sickness Weight loss Improved health of the heart and other organs Improved self-esteem and confidence Increased

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The Journey Is…..

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An Addicts Journey…..

It is a sunny day outside and I will be heading to the beach later today and watch the sunset to end it. First I am here at McDonald’s having breakfast and I just had some thoughts come over me

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The Oxycontin Express Full Documentary

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Rain Rain……

Today is a rainy day here back in South Florida, I don’t know when I will be heading back to Texas and I was reflecting on the weather and how most people here in the Sunshine State frown on rain, always

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Today is the present.
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