Life is a cycle…….


Well it has once again been a long time since I posted on here. A lot of things has happen, and now I am back out here at the Pike! I am currently staying at the 3 Palms Hotel & Resorts, trying to regroup and move forward in my life.

Looks more and more that my marriage of 22 years is over and I am having a hard time dealing with that, even though we have been fighting ever since 2006. I find myself stopping here and reflecting on my life and the people who I have come across.

Tonight I did run into Angel Face, she is staying at the same place were I am at but on the other side. I went to that side like I always do to look out over the back parking lot of the truck stop. I saw Outlaw and he came over to me to let me know that she was in, he asked me to call her I said “I don’t have her number and he said she is just right down here,” and then he went down and knock on a door and then she came out to meet me with the biggest smile I have ever seen!

She hugged me and then we both said we miss each other, so as soon as this happen Outlaw said he is coming so I asked her if she had my number, she told me “I will have to dig it up!” I then told her bye and left it at that. She was also trying to share with me that she did talk to him about me and it was alright but something told me that this is not the case!

If it was then why the need to rush me off??? I am flying high from the short little encounter with her and now I am back in my room here putting this together. She was looking good had baggy clothes on so she still look awesome in them.

I will be going to a Halloween party tonight. I would like to say Happy Halloween to all and be safe.


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