No spike & spoon can secure you!!!!


Separated by lies, is it all just a disguise.
only fools part with their money.
I ain’t sorry any more, not me anyway honey.
I am not going to be playing the games,
just so you can kill yourself, banging more of that junk.
I want to make this perfectly clear, I understand
and love you still dear. For this reason.

Mama no spike and spoon can secure you,
it will only make you feel run down and blue.

I’ve learned not to play the game,
this man moves on walking away cool.
Not some boys way of acting like a desperate fool.
It not worthy of my time just another one of those bad signs.

You always chasing boys and fools,
as long as you keep on the hustle all these
boys know is that your nothing but their tool.
They will treat you as property with pay.
You can’t run from it will repeat every day.

Mama no spike and spoons can secure you,
it will only make you feel run down and blue.

I have always over look the dark side,
not no more for I know how this end will ride.
Love is not that confusing, it means stop helping
all the struggles and pain. This curse must be broken
in order to stop this dark cloud and rain.

Healing is all part of this journey, dealing
with it’s pits and catching as you fall.
Really not much as long you pull your part, for me at all.
Devotion is the seed of love,
in return you will find nothing else matters.
Without it sit back and watch your life crumble and shatter.

Mama no spike and spoons can secure you,
it will only make you feel run down and blue.

Written, by Robert Christopher Mergupis © copyright 2015


We are here to share our experience with drug addiction how it affects both the addict and their families along with their friends. Bringing awareness about the war on drugs an how it has failed in many ways. You are welcome to comment even if you might disagree with the post, we here are a free speech zone. We will post it as long it's constructive towards solutions rather then being to harsh and judgmental causing it to be part of the problem. If you want to learn more about Angel Face Foundation you can click here! Thank you :-)

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