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Angel Face Foundation is wishing……


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Roadblocks to Recovery: State policy causing potential problem for substance abuse treatment

Joshua Vaughn The Sentinel   If a drug offender is going to relapse after leaving prison, it usually happens less than three days after release, according to Stephen Rosenberg, executive director of Community Oriented Correctional Health Services.   However, Pennsylvania,

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A message to a friend….

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Here at Angel Face Foundation….

  I just got off the phone here Christmas day and had made my day. My friend Granny was out at the Rock (county jail in Saint Luice, FL.) for some time now. She was release today, I ask her,

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5 Ways to Love Your Addict During the Holidays

  By Audrey Beim The desire to feel good during the most “wonderful time of the year” is universal. Unfortunately, high expectations, travel, increased temptations and busy schedules can build up and produce elevated levels of anxiety and tension during

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It is safe because the FDA and I said it is???

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Treatment for Heroin Addiction

At present, an estimated 13.5 million people are using opiates, this includes the 9.2 million who have selected heroin as their drug of choice. Currently, four out of every five drug related deaths are from heroin. The Physical Effects of

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