highres_10906037Founder of Angel Face Foundation, Robert Christopher Mergupis was born in Hollywood Florida in 1959 and raised in South Florida. Growing up what he calls “The Good Ole Day’s!” God  blessed him in  many ways.  Learning,  that life itself’s is one big school and is always throwing a lesson at you.

Along with these lesson comes opportunity for growth, and without this you stay stag-mite and never develop into what God created you for. Now not all his lesson’s in life have been pleasant or easy, quite the contrary, some of his best have been long and hard.

You see in his past, along with many of his friends, even in the present use drugs and have been addicted to them. With Gods help, He did slowly guided him through recovery and continues still to this day! 

Before you can say here we go someone who claims you must go to church to change, no that’s not it. It’s about having a relationship with the Creator! Every day waking up Robert might not say it out loud but in his mind heart and soul he doe’s thank Him for every thing that He has done and this has made the difference in Robert’s life. Giving him purpose to do His will, which is so simple to let His people know that He does love them and cares.

Robert said; “I’m not a religious  man, I believe in having Him as my best friend and at times yes I don’t agree with His will, but heck who am I? I do these things for the love I have and I believe it is the reason why I was created.”

Thank you for your interest, your input is always welcome in the comment with the articles. This is how we can share and help learn more through are experiences with this disease called Addiction!

The reason why he have founded Angel Face Foundation is because God and someone He put into his life inspired him to do so, along with His wisdom we can make a difference. Robert will be sharing with you some of his personal trails, pains and sacrifices a long with victories that he has made in his journey. If you wish you can learn more , here it is, Click Here!

Peace and God Speed  🙂


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